At 11 and 12 October 2017 the Platform Meeting “Reintroduction of species : a tool for the ecological restoration of habitats” will take place at the Botanical Garden of Meise (Belgium).

For the first time on European level the actors of nature conservation of LIFE and Natura 2000, around this theme, will gather and exchange know-how and best practices.

Our focus

We will discuss the ecological restoration of habitats degraded or heavily degraded by human activities. The general implementation of the Natura 2000 network and it’s restoration in a good conservation status is the common thread throughout our platform meeting. 

Our themes

  • Preparatory studies and decisional paths
  • Ex-situ production of plants and seeds for reintroduction
  • Hay spreeding and bulk harvesting of seeds for sowing
  • Soil transfer and soil inoculation
  • Forest restoration
  • Bogs and wetlands
  • State of play in the frame of the LIFE programme and LIFE projects
  • Perspective for future developments

In a nutshell

Context and concept

Sometimes habitat restoration measures are implemented in order to facilitate the settlement of the target species. However the habitats as such are mostly not an objective. Also, the restoration of habitats is often limited by numerous filters to the establishment of the characteristic species of the target habitats. These filters alter the potential species pool. The restoration remains partial and the target habitats don’t reach a favorable conservation status. This is a key issue for the restoration of the Natura2000 network.

However, a new approach which appeared during the recent years in Europe, especially in frame of LIFE-Nature projects, is the use of the reintroduction of species  for the  restoration of more complete habitats. This contributes to a more efficient and effective improvement of the Natura2000 network. This approach is very different from the classic reintroductions targeting single species with no or low connection with habitat restoration.

Curious to learn more about the context of this platform meeting and the current evolution in Europe regarding this theme? Read our concept note here.

Approach and objectives of the platform meeting

  • The platform meeting is dedicated to high level specialists in the domain of scientific research; nature conservation and restoration specialists with a strategic vision; responsibles of the LIFE Units (DGENV et EASME); operators implementing the techniques described above; and operators concerned by this approach.
  • The platform meeting intends to produce a synthesis of the theme: a technical note and recommandations for future developments. The dissemination of these documents along conservationists is expected to strengthen the ecological restoration of habitats in the Natura2000 network. This is also expected to promote the development of integrated strategies and methodologies to optimise the allocation of human and financial resources for the restoration of the Natura2000 network. The LIFE programme and the national Prioritised Action Frameworks (PAFs) should especially benefit from it.
  • The platform will not cover the following issues: classic reintroductions of a given species; restoration and management of habitats by grazing with domestic breeds; management of habitats at overall and restoration techniques of abiotic conditions; ex-situ conservation sensu stricto. These themes are well known and well covered.

Partners of the platform meeting

The platform is hosted and co-organised by :


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